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How to Choose the Best Checkout Counter for Your Supermarket?

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When setting up your retail store or supermarket, one of the most important things you need to take into account is the retail checkout counter. Apart from serving as the point at which the customer makes payment for purchases, it also serves as the point of interaction between the customer and the shop assistant and goes a long way in determining if the customer will come back.

Also, the checkout counter is another good exhibitor spot for the display of products. Here, you can make use of the semi-showcase or the display cases. The semi-display counters are the most used as they go with a small front of glass between 12cm to 20cm and a see through glass which exposes the products placed inside. The semi-display displays also come with a blind space which serves as a compartment for lodging personal objects of the worker, musical devices such as portable speakers as well as computer equipment.

The retail checkout counter is a good space to induce impulse purchase as those items of reduced size which maybe important to a shopper are added as complements.  

When choosing a checkout counter, another important point to consider is the location of the checkout counter in your retail store. The chosen are shouldn’t need so much space for the products to be displayed. You can choose to place the checkout counter close to the outlet, that is, the ware house door. This is usually the case for most supermarkets. You can go for a U-shaped counter if the retail store has a large space. This will help to limit the length your client would have to work. Again, it affords the clerk the ability to have a better view of the entire store.

supermarket checkout counter

 There are lots of cash counters for sale in the market today. However, your choice will depend to a large extend on the design of your retail store and your budget. Whatever choice you make should be in line with the panels of the store as well as the design of the rest of the furniture.

There are different designs of the checkout counter which is aimed at providing shop owners with the required convenience and improve efficiency in the retail business. The different categories range from the simpler to the more sophisticated ones. For example, we have the supermarket checkout counter with conveyor belt which allows the clerk to easily reach out to items while on the counter. It is mainly for the distribution of your items.

You may have to go for the express checkout counter if what you need is a checkout counter with something to measure or a more attractive design.

Another point to consider is your choice of the components of the counter such as the cash register. You need to consider if you are going to install a POS or simply need drawers. For an anti-theft system you may need to consider the deluxe cash register. 

In summary, there are essential points to consider when choosing a checkout counter which include your choice of design, may be a special design, one with a showcase or blind or just a custom-made; location within the store.




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